Cut New Key

cut new keyIf you want to cut new key for your home, office or vehicle then we are the Bay Area locksmith company to call. We can cut new key for you regardless of what lock you need it for. We are among the few San Francisco Locksmith companies that can cut new key for residential uses, cut new key for industrial uses and also for automotive ones. The devices we use to cut new key for our clients come with the latest technologies available. For example, when it comes to automotive services, we can cut new key for you on the spot. Just call us, tell us your whereabouts and we will come to your aid in less than 20 minutes. Once we get to you we will use our state of the art laser equipment to cut new key right then and there. You will also be pleased to hear that we offer a 15% senior citizen discount. All you need to do is show us your senior citizen certificate. In some cases we also offer a 15% emergency service discount. Besides your automotive needs, we can also fulfill your residential locksmith ones. We can cut new key for any kind of household lock. This includes plain locks, window locks, mailbox locks and toolbox locks. We can also cut new key for your garage door or for your heavy gate. However, duplicating keys is just one of the many other residential services that we offer. We are proud to say that we can also change and repair locks, cut new key for master systems, rekey any locks, install any security device and more. If you want to install a high security device in your home we are the ones to call. This is due to our experience and our 10% high security discount. Yes, we can install the latest alarms at the lowest prices on the market. Just as our residential locksmith services, our industrial services are also second to none. Of course, we can cut new key for any kind of commercial lock. We can also rekey entire buildings, no matter the size. If you are an entrepreneur and at the same time a real estate owner just give us a call and request a quote. Our industrial locksmith services are tailored to satisfy any of your needs. For example if you want to install new locks on the doors of your building you can take advantage of our 2 locks, 3rd free promotion. We can also install any type of keyless locking mechanism for businesses. This includes key-pad ones, card reader ones and biometric ones. You will be glad to know that all our services are licensed & bonded. We also offer a complete 90 days guarantee. We will cut new key for you and replace it if you notice any malfunction. All our work is backed up by this guarantee and so are our products. If something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about a thing.
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